Monday, June 15, 2009

First Holidays in 05- 971 and 991

Well in the first year we were dating we had Halloween, Thanksgiving, My birthday, and Christmas! Too much! ;-)

Halloween I worked, and so of course we didn't celebrate that! Then there was my birthday! James was TOO sweet! I didn't think he'd get me anything, but he did! He totally surprised me and bought me a gorgeous white gold watch! So girly and cute! I loved that watch and wore it whenever we went out on nice dates! Too cool!

Then there was Thanksgiving. I worked a double, so we didn't celebrate together. I can't remember what James did, but I know it didn't mean too much to him. :D

Christmas was interesting. Both Ja'Vaughn and Ashton came up. My dad and his girlfriend came, and my sister her husband and my nephew came (my sister was also pregnant at this time!). It was interesting to say the least. At work James had bought some nuts in a tin. He had that on the coffee table. My nephew, 2 at the time, decided to play and opened the nuts and had his fingers ALL over them! James was NOT happy! Of course he didn't say anything because it was the first holdiay, but I know how unhappy he was!

My sister also made fun of me for being a cheerleader in high school. I was not so thrilled in that at all! I mean how do you do that in front of your sister's new boyfriend and his family? UGH! Frustrating!

Now for the good parts! The boys loved their Christmas presents. My dad had bought James a brick at the Local VFW where they had a brick wall. My dad had one and James thought it was cool, so that is what my dad got him. I remember getting James something, but honestly I don't remember now what it was! He liked it which is all that counts! ;-)

James outdid himself again and bought me jewelry! He got me a 3 piece set: necklace, ring, and ear rings that were white gold (my favorite!) and my birthstone (not my favorite LOL). I actually REALLY liked them! I had never been a fan of my birthstone, and just a few days before James had asked me what I thought of my birthstone. I went off about how much I hated it, etc! ;-) Poor guy was really worried that I was going to hate the gift! ;-)

Overall, I think the day went really good! It was a good holiday and it was good to have the family around and spend the day together! :D

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