Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The day we became bf/gf! :D 971 & 991

Well after the first date we kept talking, calling, and seeing each other. It was great! I would stay over and just chat until Midnight or so! We'd crash on his bed just relaxing! I loved it to say the least!

I still remember the first kiss! We were laying on his bed just relaxing. He then leaned in and did the eskimo kissing thing. You know the rubbing noses thing, then he leaned in and actually kissed me! He was a good kisser! ;-)

So we continued on our dates, and one night went to Taco Bell. Of all places we had been, we were just sitting there eating. Then in walked the director from the jail! Oh my! I was worried since non-supervisory staff and supervisors weren't supposed to date and I didn't want us in trouble. James said he didn't care and wasn't going to hide. I don't remember if she even said anything to us there. But sure enough a day or 2 later she called me into her office. UGh! LOL

So I went up and she asked (mind you they didn't ask James.. hmmm.) and asked if we were dating... I of course through out the age card and said "Umm.. no. We are just friends! His sons are my age!" She seemed to buy it... Oh and this was in Aug. when I was in Basic Officer Academy. Which really was a waste of time! ;-)

Then we headed over to Wal-Mart. There we ran into one of his former soldiers. He introduced me as his girlfriend. It had been about 2 weeks that we had been dating, and I didn't know we were! It was a good feeling! ;-)

That time period we also had taken one of his soldiers out for dinner too. It was cool to go out with him as a unit! I felt like I was in! :D So that's how I knew we were offical and together alone!

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