Thursday, June 11, 2009

Early days- 971&991

I don't know that I've mentioned it on here or not, but the numbers on the posts.. These were our radio numbers when I first started there! :D Later his got changed to 919, so I will refer to that number when I move on to us living together! ;-)

So after the first date, and becoming gf/bf, and that first kiss, we continued seeing each other quite often. I remember some great times just relaxing at his house, or him at my house. He'd come over after a work-out, or just because. It was so sweeet! I loved our times together. He even fell asleep and snored on my couch! ;-) It was hilarious! He'd get self-conscious though because I would watch him and he'd wake up. Too funny!

He also did this one thing that we referred to as "Rat Cheese". He was such a kid at heart. He would take his glasses and place them down his nose. Then he would make a rat face and just was goofy! It made me laugh so hard! So if his glasses ever went down low on his nose, I would say "Rat Cheese!". LOL It was fun and made us laugh.

I remember when he would bring me dinner to my apt on my dinner break. It was so cool for him to do that! He would drive clear across town just to see me for 20 mins! He was such a champ! He sometimes would complain, but I know deep down that he loved it! :D

I remember that September I believe I had a party at my house. I had some friends from work over. He was on a military weekend. I think he was a bit jealous, but that just showed me how much he really cared for me! After that point I think we grew closer together and really were looking to the future.

I know he had thought maybe he should break it off, but then realized that he wanted to be with me. I also had to give him an ultimatum once too because I wanted to make sure that he wanted the same things as me. We had, in our early days, discussed kids. He knew I wanted them, and he had even talked about wanting more too! He told me that he had a vasectomy after his youngest was about 6 months, but he had always thought if he found the right one that he'd reverse it. He said he had always thought about a daughter, but knew that God knew what he was doing by not giving him one! :D

The ultimatum was given that gave him a chance to get out if he had changed his mind about kids. I told him I couldn't date someone that didn't want any, and that if he didn't that he needed to tell me now. I told him that if he didn't we could only be friends, nothing more. this was when he went away for a long weekend Military trip so that he wasn't near me to influence him. I think that time when I dropped him off at the airport was almost harder than when I brought him back to the airport to go back after R&R. Thank goodness he stuck with me! I knew then it was for real! :D

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