Monday, June 15, 2009

Meeting the sons- 971&991

I first met the oldest son, Ja'Vaughn in September. He came up to see his dad and go to one of James' ball games. James played on the jail's softball team, and so they went and had "guy time". Ja'Vaughn seemed really nice, but quiet and reserved. He was a lot like his dad in that aspect.

He came back the next month for his birthday. My cousin, her friend, James and I all took him out to dinner at Olive Garden, as it was his favorite place to go. So we went there and I had made him a homemade card. I'm sure he thought I was crazy, but oh well! LOL He got along good with my cousin and her friend, so overall I think it was pretty successful.

I remember prior to meeting any of the sons telling James' that I wanted to make sure they were comfortable with us being together. I didn't want them to be uncomfortable and valued their opinion. James told me that they would be fine whatever because they knew that "Dad would do what dad was going to do". LOL That was cool, but I wanted to make sure that they knew I wouldn't ever come between them or take their dad away. I think they appreciated that.

Ja'Vaughn came to the house and I remember him laughing at us because we had a game called "Dirty Minds". It's really not dirty but kindof boring. LOL Ja'Vaughn just shook his head! ;-)

I didn't meet Ashton until that December, over Christmas break. Ashton was going to school in FL so he didn't come up too much. I remember when I first met Ashton.. He was COMPLETELY different than Ja'Vaughn and we got along great! That first night we went to China Inn for dinner. Afterward, we went to Wal-Mart. That was funny! Ashton can speak spanish and so while in Wal-Mart a man and son walked by and said something in Spanish.

James asked Ashton what he said, and Ashton translated. It was something about taking up the aisle or something like that. James was TICKED! He wanted to go back and say something but both Ashton and I talked him out of it! LOL James didn't like it and I could understand, but also understood Ashton's point of view! That put a bit of a strain on the guys! LOL I felt like a mediator for a bit! LOL Ashton was a bit tired from driving so I think that didn't help! But we all went back to James' house and had a good conversation! I knew Ashton and I would get along great, as well as Ja'Vaughn, but it seemed like Ashton and I were more alike.

That was the first time I met the boys and I think overall it was good first impressions! :D That was the start of 2 new friendships for me.

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