Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Date. 971 and 991

I guess for memories I should talk about our first date.. and what led up to that..

I started working at the jail March 21, 2005. The first week during my training they had the supervisors were doing a charity thing. They were getting tazed as part of their training and there had been a raffle to raise money for something.

So James was one of the supervisors that was getting tazed. The funny thing was that he sounded JUST like Chewbaca from Star Wars while he was going down! It was Hilarious!!! That was the first time I had really seen him, and my first memory of him.

At that time I was dating someone else. We ended up breaking up a bit after that. I was working on second shift and did all of my overtime on 1st shift, where James worked. I was usually roving (roving is where you bring inmates from point a to b, or bring stuff to officers, help respond in emergencies, etc.). I usually checked with the supervisors to see if they needed anything.

James intrigued me too. I heard he was military, and being a military brat, it was really interesting. I started talking to him and he was a really nice guy. We would chat and got along well. He was also a member of CERT (like swat for the jail), and that was really interesting.

Well one day in July, he said that I should come over to his place and watch a movie sometime. I agreed and said that would be fun. Something happened and we weren't able to exchange numbers. I remember telling my cousin about him, and we googled him but couldn't find anything on him.. Hmmm...

So I went back to work but he was on days off (he had Sun/Mon off) then I went on days off, so that Thursday I mentioned to him that I couldn't very well come over on my days off if I didn't know where to go. I said we needed to exchange numbers. So he started to give me his.. I stopped him and gave him mine. I have a thing that if I take a guys number I am not interested, so if I give mine I am! ;-) So he took my number.

He called me and we talked and so on July 26, 2005 I went to his house to watch a movie. I was sooo nervous! I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know his age either. So I came in and we small talked. I remember sitting in the chair, the tan one, by the door, he was on the couch. He then said, "You can sit over here if you want" so I moved over to the couch by him! :D

We chatted then decided to go for a drive. I moved my car and we got into his 4Runner. It was blue, my favorite color. He asked about music and I saw his CDs! I had a lot of the same ones, including Lyfe, which had been my favorite CD at the time. I was instantly smitten! LOL So we went and got gas and headed over to the lake. We drove around and just talked. It was so nice and we got along so well. We went back to his house and then I left that night late. Nothing happened, but it was a wonderful date! We agreed to meet up again very soon!

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  1. I love your post. I never knew how you guys met. Love at first site I would say. :)