Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2007 a year of great things 919 & 991

So new years eve rolled around and we both were at working. So much for that new year's kiss! ;-) Oh well. It was nice knowing we were both safe. That January there was a bridal fair in town. My sister won tickets and we went. We thought his deployment was going to be that fall and so I knew we'd be married before then so we went with that date in mind. Nothing like faking like you are engaged! ;-) I signed up for any free stuff I could try to win just in case. Still no proposal. Then his birthday rolled around. It was the year the Superbowl was played on his day! His youngest son and I got him some gifts and a cake (superbowl of course!) and just chilled with him. It was nice. I got him the book he was wanting (Forced into Glory) and it was a good day. If I remember the team he wanted to win did.. Hmmm.... I also during this time fall on the ice.

We were supposed to go somewhere and it was sunny and sun on ice is blinding so he needed his shades. Of course they weren't in the vehicle so he goes inside to look for them. I get out of the vehicle to go inside and help him find them and SPLAT. I hit the ground. Not a good start! I get up slowly, hurting, and we find his glasses. UGh. Frustrating but he was such a sweetheart about it. I knew I had a keeper!

So then rolls around February 9th. It was a Friday night and I was off (I was on third now too) and he was working. He called me around 1:45 on Saturday morning. Of course I was still awake! LOL He called me at least once a night while at work which I always looked forward too. He starts small talk then says that he'd been thinking and thinks we should get legalized. Meaning lets get officially married. We were dealing with people at work trying to figure out if we were or weren't together and wanted the protection of being married.

So I asked him what he meant. He said again that he thinks we should get legalized and I told him all you have to do is ask. We go back and forth for a few then he gets a call on his radio and has to go. So basically I was engaged at that point! So he got home around 7 am and I asked him if he was serious when he was on the phone earlier. He said yes and I said well you know what you have to do. So he asked me to marry him! I of course said YES!

So that day we go to help my dad move and he tells my dad his intentions and I tell my sister. I wanted a white dress but he just wanted it down. So my dad says we can go to Miami, OK and get married that same day. I told him we could do that if I got the white dress ceremony. We agreed and decided Monday morning when I got off work we'd get dad and all of us would go to OK. On Sunday we went to the mall and picked out my ring. He told his youngest son when we got back by pinching his stomach and saying "We're getting married". Ashton didn't like the approach so much. On Monday, I got off work, came home fixed my hair got changed, and he was getting ready. We went and met my dad, and off we went for the 4 hour drive.

While on the drive we talk about kids. I got him to agree to 2 successful pregnancies and whatever came about. So we finally get there and the office is closed for lunch, so we went and got lunch and came back. Paid our $50 bucks and walked the license across the street to Lavern's wedding chapel and paid our $50 there and prepared for the ceremony. It was a 3 room house they used for it. Dad walked me down the aisle and we exchanged vows and were pronounced legal. :D We got back in the vehicle and came home. Mind you it was a COLD, dreary Feb. 12, 2007. Now started the planning for the wedding, the white dress ceremony.

919 & 991 06 continued

So its been awhile since I posted. I'm sorry.. This journey has been hard and I forget things constantly! So I left off with AT.

That summer my niece, Emma, was born. I was able to be at the hospital when she was born and James made his way up there. He even held her which was totally awesome. Seeing him with a little baby in his arms made me love him that much more and could see us with ours. I think that he fell in love with her instantly. His youngest son came up too and so that really made me realize we could all be a family.

So Fall of 2006 I was living practically with James at his house. I still had my apartment, but I never stayed there. Only went to pay the rent, get something I forgot or wanted, check the mail, etc. Waste of money! So in October James said why don't you just move in. So of course I agreed and I put in my notice to be out by my birthday! What a great gift! ;-) So slowly I packed and moved in. Only waiting til the last days of course to bring stuff to his place. LOL I remember having to be out by 5 and I locked the keys in the apartment and James had to drive over (he wasn't too thrilled let me tell ya!) to let me and dad in so we could get the last bit and turn in the key! We did it! So by Veteran's Day I was living with James happily!

Then my birthday came. My friends all thought he'd propose and I started hoping so too! Well James didn't get that memo and so I was pretending not to snoop but I couldn't find anything! I had no clue what he bought. Well he gets home from work (he was on third shift now) and said you want your present? Of course I couldn't resist. So he gave it to me... A gift card. Yep.. for Victoria's Secret. Mind you I can't buy their bras so I was like WTF! And he didn't even write anything on a card, just the one they place it in. I was not a happy camper and tried to pretend like it was ok and we went to bed. I sent a text to my friend and she was like No, he probably got something else. Nope that was it! I am not materialistic at all.. Don't get it twisted. But when you get your hopes up its not good! SO I had a breakdown.

Even his oldest son told him you don't get your serious girlfriend a gift card. That is not what you do! LOL So that became a story to tell between us. LOL I got over it slowly, but was disappointed I wasn't engaged. :D

So then Thanksgiving came around and I cooked our first dinner together. Had my famous turkey from the crockpot! It was good and I think he was happy to see me cook. It was my sister and her kids and husband, my dad, James and I. I think that was all. It was good food and good talk. It was like we were all a family. I loved it!

Next up was Christmas. I don't remember doing anything special. I think we got together with my dad somewhere around there, but nothing jumps out. We closed out the year in love and me hoping still that he'd make me his wife. We also learned that a deployment was around the corner. That was something I was not really looking forward to, but was looking forward to having his back while he was gone. He knew this and we moved forward.